DIY: Our range of products



Foot inserts, Foot caps,


Adesive hooks,

Suction hooks,

Home utility,

Key hooks

Furniture handles and Knobs

Hooks and Hangers,

Coat hangers,

Decorative wall hangers

Roller shutters,

Straps and


for Roller shutters

Child Safety,

Sanitizing products

Furniture Fittings,

Shelf Supports,

Base Legs,

Table Legs and accessories

Multipurpose wheeled movers

Ropes and Chains,


Shoe care


We fulfill any layout request

We meet every request offering the selected item promptly.

We believe that a supplier must be a reliable support to trust regarding any need
attention and dynamism are the main characteristics of our work teams;


a quality that guarantees us to be an integral part of any solution.


We offer a careful Merchandising service
planning each action on the stores with qualified staff

aiming at the best range promotion and organizing each layout solution.

Study of layout solutions

Our communication and marketing Area studies and offers

new layout solutions, focused on the market trend and product efficacy

to lead attention towards the eco-sustainability of new products
and share on Social media the news about the products on sale at the stores.

Based on specific communication and layout exposition needs,
we offer customized packaging for every single product or range of products
defining Graphics and samples based on received info.

Customized Packaging

MetalDecor S.r.l.

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T. +39 0341 820443

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23822 Bellano (LC)

Freight Depot

Via Provinciale

23813 Bindo di Cortenova (LC)



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