FSC certification is designed to guarantee that each product with FSC label
comes from a forest and a supply chain responsibly managed.

MetalDecor’s commitment

in design and distribution of every product that may be eco-sustainable,
represents a challenge we would like to share and overcome with all our business partners.


Eco-sustainability does not end with green areas, it also safeguards our entire natural heritage.

Commercialization of products made from recycled plastic
or durable products

enables us to avoid the leakage of disposable products in the environment, promoting a life style
based on responsible and ethical choices.

Help us spread a sustainable life style.

MetalDecor S.r.l.

Headquarters and Offices

Via Guglielmo Marconi 55

23824 Dervio (LC)

T. +39 0341 820443

Head Office and Show Room

Via Gavazzi, 2/b

23822 Bellano (LC)

Freight Depot

Via Provinciale

23813 Bindo di Cortenova (LC)



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